Couch Service Facility is derived from Couch Surfing which is a hospitality and social networking service. The Facility is available with the GoWanderers Team which can be used by the Foreign or tourists interested for arrangement of home-stays, offer lodging and hospitality.

The platform is a gift economy; host shall not charge for lodging. Members set up an online identify with GoWanderers, and after leaving comments on their experiences with other members, develop a reputation.

Members can either directly request lodging from other members or post their travel plans publicly and receive offers from other members.

However, unless members go through a verfication process, which includes a one-time US$100 charge (waived for members who repeat their Travel to upto 50%), also with reference of the existing member the verification process is reduced upto 33%.

In addition, the visitor shall need to provide the documents for Identity Proof/ Passport/ Valid Documents till the stay.