Can we adjust more than 3 people in a room?

Generally No, Hotels do not allow to accommodate more than 3 adults in a room, 4 people are possible with one extra bed only if one out of 4 occupants is aged under 12, & willing to share bed with the parents.

I don’t want camping at any place, Can you please replace the same with Bricked Accomodation.

Yes, camps can replaced with bricked accomodation at your request. Please ask the Tour Consultant for extra cost, if any, against the amendment.

Can you please tell about the availability of Hot water & electricity at all the locations?

Usually electricity and hot water are available at all places except at Pangong. Pangong is totally offbeat and survives on tapped solar energy and its just the starlight that you have around after around 9pm.

What is the star rating of the Hotel? Or what is the difference between various categories?

Leh being into hilly zone, there are very few Hotels which are accredited with any Star Rating. Therefore, to standardize the Accomodations, we have categorized them into Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Luxury & Premium Options. Standard being the option for budget travelers, where in hygeinic guesthouses with separate Toilet/Bathroom are being used, Deluxe are the Hotels with better amenities & infrastructure, Luxury fall into second best Hotels in Leh, & Premium ones are the best available Hotels amongst the gamut of options available across Ladakh. The only difference between various categories is the hotel category and nothing else.

What is the Bed size?

Bed Size is 6 ft as a standard.

Will there be sufficient space to carry the luggage over the Tempo/INNOVA for all the co-travelers?

Yes, the vehicles are equipped with a luggage carrier & a PVC cover to protect the luggage from rain water, if required.

We need Kitchen facilities

The people at Leh are very friendly, there are no attached kitchens at any places but in case you have special dietary requirements, you can request the housekeeping and they will do their best. Many hotels do not mind your stepping into kitchen for special needs.

Can accomodations be mix of various categories?

Yes they can be. If you have reviewed all the choices in the itinerary shared and your research says that you would like to upgrade the accommodation at couple of places, kindly ask your customer service executive to provide you the cost accordingly.

How does Early check-in & late check out work?

Leh generally sees early morning flights (both arrival and departure) and hence usually early check ins are not an issue. But to mention it on records, early check in and late check out are totally subjected to availability on that date at your hotel/ camp/ houseboat. We can just place a request of the same while booking your rooms.

Safety regarding camping in nubra and pangong.

The camps chosen have been working with us from years and we havent received any such complaints. Leh Ladakh region are much more safer then out metropolitan cities.

Do I need to carry any hotel vouchers with me while traveling?

Yes, kindly keep a copy with you for all the stays you have been booked at. The same would have been shared over email by our team before your travel.

Can we be booked at (so and so) room number at our (so and so) hotel?

The room numbers cant be pre-booked. We can just book a room for you and place a booking request of room numbers while reserving the room. The same depends upon the availability at the time of check in.

We belong to Jain Community, Can you get us Jain food?

Yes, the same can be arranged with a prior intimation from your end, since the same have to be updated at Hotel/camps for provision on check-in date. Kindly also ensure to remind the hotel of the same at the time of check in.

I am diabetic and I have special meal requirements

Kindly advise the hotel(tour manager also in case of group tour), about the dietary requirements at the time of check in. They shall ensure whatever best they can help with.

How do I get to Spiti valley?

There are two routes to Spiti valley, from Manali and from Shimla.The Manali route is open from mid-June till end of October whereas the Shimla route is open all year round. The distance between Manali and Kaza is around 220 kms. And takes approximately 9-10 hrs. to reach. The distance between Manali and Kaza is around 450 kms. And takes approximately 2 ½ days to reach Kaza.

You can take local Himachal Pradesh transport buses to Kaza or hire cabs from either Manali or Shimla.

What is the best season to travel to Spiti valley?

The best time to visit is between May and October as its warm and the temperature is bearable. The water lines are no longer frozen and the hotels are open for tourists. Places like Chandrataal and Manali are accessible from Rohtang Pass during this period.

What’s the weather like in Spiti valley?

The temperature in summer (June to September) can reach the mid 20 degrees C with a minimum of 9-10 degrees C. Places like Tabo, Chandrataal, Bataal and Hansa get very windy and chilly and the temperature can drop to 2-3 degrees C. The temperature in winter (December and January) can go down to -30 degrees C.The annual rainfall is 6″. Since Spiti is a cold desert, there is no such thing as a rainy season.

Do I need a permit to enter Spiti valley?

There is no requirement of permits for Indians. Foreign citizens do need a permit if you are entering Spiti valley via Kinnaur. This can be procured either from Kaza, Shimla or Reckong Peo.

What are the available communication facilities in Spiti valley?

Phone facilities are available in Kaza. For people who want to use their mobile phone, only BSNL/MTNL works in some places in Spiti and some villages and places have no connectivity at all. It is advisable to purchase and activate your number before your trip.

But do take note. At times, the phone lines do not work due to lack of electricity.

Are there ATM’s in Spiti valley? Can I swipe my card at hotels?

There are State Bank of India and Kangra co-operative bank ATM’s in Kaza. But do not rely on them. Hotels or shops accept no credit or debit cards and you will need to pay in cash.

What are the items I need to carry on my trip to Spiti valley?

Carry a good warm jacket, pullovers and body warmers.

Sometimes there might be rain or snow and we advise you carry waterproof gear with you along with waterproof shoes and loads of socks.

Instead of carrying a stroller bag, we advise you to carry a spacious rucksack, as it is easier to lift and walk around with keeping your hands free.

A good sleeping bag, if you are camping is a must.

Always keep a roll of toilet paper with you along with sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, torch and a water bottle. You need not worry about drinking water as its readily available. Running water in the streams comes directly from the mountains and can be consumed.

What kind of wildlife can I expect to see on my trip to Spiti valley?

You can find animals like the Ibex, Snow leopard, Red fox and the Himalayan wolf in the region on Spiti.

The Snow leopard usually prefers living on top of mountains, so catching a glimpse of one is a rarity.

Can I get some emergency contact numbers for the region?

You can get in touch with the hospital and police station in Kaza for any emergencies or any of the Incredible Spiti team.

Kaza Civil Hospital – 01900 222 218

Kaza Police Station – 01906 222 216

What to expect when I stay in Spiti valley?

Most hotels in Spiti do not keep any heaters as electricity is a bit of an issue in the region. You can rely on lots of blankets and local tandoors in common spaces to keep you warm. All hotels have western style toilets except for homestays, which will have dry toilets.

You can go camping anywhere you’d like in Spiti except for protected areas and wetlands like Chandra Taal. If you are camping for the first time, we suggest you camp near a campsite or someone’s house. It also gets really windy in Spiti in the nights, so make sure you pick a spot that shields you from the winds.

What are dry toilets? And how does one use them?

A dry toilet is a toilet that operates without flush water, unlike a flush toilet. The best part about living in a homestay is the local dry toilet, which acts as a composting toilet that converts human waste in a completely eco-friendly manner into manure that can be used in the fields.

The toilet as such is divided into two sections, the first floor and the ground floor. The first floor has a hole in the middle and a mix of cow dung and ash in one corner is kept in a corner along with a shovel. After every use you are to throw a shovel full of mud and ash into the hole. In the ground floor the human feces is collected and allowed to decompose which then becomes manure.

Dry toilets have been used in Spiti since ancient times, as the water freezes during winter and with no direct water supply, which is the case even today, dry toilets were an eco-friendly way of disposing waste.

What sort of transport is available in Spiti valley?

There are many ways to reach Spiti Valley.

Hire a taxi or bike

– You can hire a taxi from Manali or Shimla. A one way trip from Manali to Kaza and will take you 9-10 hours to reach and from Shimla to Kaza and will take you around 2 ½ days to reach.
– You can also chose to self-drive a car or bike and rent accordingly but you must be careful as the road to Spiti is quiet treacherous with rocky roads, water crossings and snow. The roads are rough from Rohtang till Kunzum all the way up to Losar village in Spiti.
– You can also share taxis between locations in Spiti Valley. You will find shared taxis at Kaza.

Travel by State Transport buses

There are two HRTC buses that run between Manali and Kaza every morning. The bus starts in Kullu to Kaza via Manali and it reaches Manali around 4.45 AM and leaves at 5.00 AM.

Please note:

There are no mechanics available between Manali and Kaza

Once in Kaza, you can also hire cycles if you want to go mountain biking

What can I expect when I’m living in a homestay? What facilities will I get?

A homestay is a sort of ‘home away from home’ where you get to live with a family for a couple of days and stay in their home, share meals and even help out with daily activities if you’d like. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in local culture.

The homestays in Spiti are very basic, the homes are made of mud and most of the families eat vegetarian food on a daily basis, as meat is hard to get in such a remote region. You will also find an eco friendly dry toilet in most homes. The family will do their best to make you feel at home and will provide you with the basic but delicious meals and sufficient bedding to keep you warm at night.

While staying with a family in a homestay, do remember to be respectful of their culture and traditions, do join them for meals, help out in the house if you can and don’t hesitate to mingle and make friends.

What kind of food can I expect to find in Spiti valley?

You will find local Tibetan food as well as north Indian food across Spiti valley. In most of the places you will find vegetarian food and meat can be found in winter as vegetables are difficult get.

In Tibetan food you will usually find momos and Thupka (a thick noodle soup), which is perfect for the extreme cold weather. Try some local Butter tea (a delicacy), which is not for everyone’s palette but should be tried at least once. You can also try some local home-brewed alcohol called chang and arkh, which are made from barely and are versions of beer and whisky.

Ginger & honey, mint and lemon teas can be found almost everywhere in the region.

What is the mode of Payment?

You can transfer via Cash/NEFT/UPI/WIRE to our Bank accounts, shared with the document. You can also pay directly by Credit card/Debit Card/NetBanking at an extra gateway service charge of 2.5% over payment amount. Paypal (valid for International travelers) incurs 5% extra.

Can I pay by Credit Card/Debit Card/Netbanking?

Yes, we do have an option to pay online. However, payments by Indian cards will incur an extra service charge of 2.5% & 5% for International cards.

Is there feasibility of moving from Pangong to Tsomorriri with respect to road and permits?

Pangong to Tsomoriri is long and dusty stretch. This stretch also requires special permits. However if you are short of time, you can take this route. The only worst thing that can happen is we would get to the main Leh road and then take Tsomoriri route(longer route) in case permissions are not granted or direct road is closed due to any reason.

Is it safe to travel Pangong via Shayok/Warila?

Shayok route is manageable from Mid May till June. Warila is doable from Mid July till August. Warila is as long as (almost) traveling from Leh, hence not really a great option. This route is not advisable on bikes however due to less infrastructure/ backup resouces enroute.

Is there long hours on road, I have a senior citizen accompanying me on the tour?

The usual travel hours on road is 6-7 hours everyday. In case you are opting for road via Manali, Jispa to Leh stretch is as long as 12 hours. The only caution you can take for the senior citizen with you is to begin the journey ex Srinagar instead of Manali and take a complete health check up before opting for the tour.

Srinagar has always been sensitive. How do you take care of us if we reach Srinagar and there are troubles in the city.

Srinagar have seen a lot of disturbances in past. But the one good thing is tourists are always safe in the city. We will access the situation with our ground team at Srinagar. In case its not safe for travelers, we will suggest you alternate best available plan/ route for the tour. Amendment/Cancellation/Re -Booking of flights is done by the travelers himself, rest is by our team only. Our group tours last year in 2016 ran successfully from Srinagar (even at the time of unrest). These tours ran as per the timings provided by the army for the movement of guests between cities of Srinagar and Kargil. This leads to some inconvenience, no doubt, but is safe at all times.

Are there chances that our itinerary would be altered?

Yes, there are chances that the itinerary can be altered. This totally is the call of the local ground team at Leh. Since Leh is a little sensitive destination as such. Little more of snow/ a landslide can lead to blockage of roads. In such cases, the local team takes a call and advises you on the alternate plan and follows the same once you are satisfied.

We are opting for bike on Nubra route along with the backup vehicle. Our driver would know, right, how to manage the bike in case of any breakdown.

The drivers would just know how to drive their cars, they would be leading you and in case of any breakdown, you can shift to the vehicle, after you take care of the transfers of bikes to city locally. In case you need a professional help wrt the bikes, kindly book a mechanic to travel with you. They charge an amount of INR 1200 per day. Any price of spare parts(if needed) would be extra and borne by guest.

Are there any extra permissions needed to visit Aru valley,Betaab valley and Chandanwari at Pahalgam?

You don’t need permissions but you would need to hire a local Pahalgam taxi to visit these places. Rough estimation is INR 2500 for the same.

Can we visit Thajjwass Glacier while crossing Sonmarg?

In case you are not staying at Sonmarg and directly leaving for Kargil, depart from Srinagar pretty early in morning. Once at Sonmarg you would need to hire a local taxi to visit Thajjwass Glacier. Rough estimation is INR 2500 for the same.

We would like to do some adventure sports at Rohtang.

We do not stay at Rohtang for longer time but for a couple of hours only. That too depends upon the traffic enroute and other such conditions. However, you can stay an extra day at Manali and do the adventure sports that day.(cannot be pre-booked, and can be directly paid on spot)

What is the Boarding Point & timings of VOLVO?

If boarding from Delhi : Firozshah Kotla Stadium, Boarding Time: 5:30pm, Departure Time: 6:00pm, arrives Manali before 10:00am

If boarding from Manali : VOLVO Bus stand, Boarding Time: 5:00pm, Departure Time: 5:30pm, arrives Delhi by 9:30am. (Plan you flight booking keeping 4 hours in hand as a backup/cushion)

What kind of VOLVO bus is provided?

VOLVOs are Semi-Sleeper with push back seats & thigh rest. Blanket & Water bottle is also provided alongwith each seat booked.

What kind of vehicles shall be used if an option of MPV or SUV is chosen.

If MPV is chosen, Innova or equivalent is considered. If SUV, it would be Duster or equivalent vehicle may be considered. If Car is chosen it is more likely a Dzire or Amaze

Is the VOLVO cost included?

Kindly refer Inclusions, generally they are included.

Which vehicles are being used, which state registration?

All across the passengers shall be taken on NCR registered vehicle.

In Srinagar, the vehicles used belong to Srinagar Locals for Local travel, beyond Srinagar it’s the same vehicle used. If local travel in Manali, local registererd vehicles shall be used but further to it the NCR registered vehicle shall be used.

What about fuel cost and driver allowances?

You need not pay anything to the Pilots or driver- for fuel, allowance or even his meal. Its all included in the price paid for the tour.

What are some of the must visit or tourist places on Manali Leh highway?

It is really hard to answer this question as the entire Manali to Leh road is a scenic destination in itself. However some of the places worth mentioning are Rohtang La, river confluence at Tandi, Sissu Waterfall, Deepak Taal, Baralacha La, Suraj Taal, Gata Loops, Nakeela, Lachulung La, More Plains, Tso Kar and Tanglang La

Where can you find a mechanic or puncture repair shop on Manali Leh highway?

Earlier this option was severely limited but with recent increase in tourism in Ladakh, you can hope to find a mechanic or puncture repair shop at Manali, Kokhsar, Tandi, Keylong, Jispa, Sarchu (not 100% and not always though), Upshi and Karu.

Is there a permit required for Manali Leh highway?

No there is not however you do need a permit for crossing Rohtang La from Manali side. More information on the topic is available at the link below.

How to Rent a Motorcycle In Manali

A motorcycle trip to Ladakh is a dream which when becomes a reality leaves memories that you will cherish for life. Your first trip to Ladakh will always be your most memorable one, no matter how many times you may return to relive the experience. There are of course several ways that you may plan to reach there, like self-drive, public transport or flying but the best way to make the most out of this journey is to ride a motorcycle to Ladakh. It doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore biker or just a regular motorcyclist; if you have a decent enough experience of riding or handling a motorcycle than this is how you must plan your trip.

For people living in Delhi NCR region or the Northern states of India, planning a bike trip is relatively easier than people living in other parts of the country. For them, the biggest question that arises is whether to ride all the distance in plains as well, which of course will be time consuming and boring, or to ship the bike first to somewhere closer to Ladakh. Both these options of course are an additional hassle. Then there is also the fact that not all of us either own a motorcycle or own a motorcycle that is good enough for a Ladakh trip and hence comes the thought of renting a motorcycle for the trip. Foreign tourists planning a motorcycle trip of course have no other option than to rent a bike or buy it and sell before they leave India. I own a Royal Enfield and never really had the need of renting a bike but after several trips to the region and helping numerous people, here is my two cents on the topic. This is some basic information which I am sure will come handy to anyone planning to rent a motorcycle and take it to Ladakh.

Where to rent a motorcycle in Manali?

There are several places from where you can rent a motorcycle in Manali. Almost all the travel agents and tour operators have this arrangement. In addition, the mechanics as well offer this service so finding a motorcycle to rent in Manali is not at all a difficult task. Just take a stroll around the town and you will see plenty of shops/workshops offering motorcycles for rent.

Can I rent a motorcycle in Manali and use it in Ladakh as well?

A BIG NO. Please do not do this or you may land in trouble. If you are renting a bike in Manali, only use it to reach Leh and your return journey. For visiting the local tourist attractions like Nubra valley, Pangong and Moriri, please rent another motorcycle in Leh. The locals there do not allow tourists to use motorcycles rented outside of Ladakh to run there. You may however use it within the city of Leh.

Can I rent a motorcycle in Manali and drop at Srinagar?

Not for free. Most of the renters will give you a straight no for this meaning that you will have to bring their motorcycles back to Manali itself. Some of them however would give you a choice to leave the motorcycle at either Srinagar or Jammu for an additional cost which could be anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Can I rent a motorcycle in Manali and leave it in Leh?

Yes this too is an option provided by some renters for an additional cost. It is very rare that you won’t get charged for this. Additional cost would be around Rs. 10,000 in exchange of which you can rent a motorcycle in Manali and leave it at their drop point in Leh. That way you can either catch a flight home or make some other arrangements for your return journey.

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?

It depends on the renter but some of them do have a 7 day minimum criteria.

How much does it cost to rent a motorcycle in Manali?

It actually depends on which motorcycle are you renting but expect the cost to be somewhere between Rs. 1000 per day to Rs. 1500-1600 per day. If you are thinking a Royal Enfield, then the charge would be a minimum of Rs. 1200 per day for Classic, Standard or Electra and close to Rs. 1600 per day for Thunderbird. For Pulsar it would be close to Rs. 1000 per day and for other motorcycles, it may be a bit less by a couple hundred.

Is this price negotiable?

Hard to answer this question but I do not think it is negotiable. They pretty much have a standard rate all across the town and no travel agent or mechanic would lower the price unless it is a known contact or your negotiation skills are of export quality. LOL.

Do you have to pay a security deposit in order to rent a motorcycle in Manali?

Yes you do. No travel agent or mechanic would lend you a bike without the security deposit. The exact amount of the deposit can vary highly, it can range anywhere from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 or maybe even more. Usually the renters let you pay part of the deposit and take rest as a cheque or maybe keep your credit card or some other document as security deposit for the remaining amount. Amount can depend on how old the motorcycle is, or the renter you are dealing with. This amount of course will be refunded to you when you return the motorcycle. If there is any damage, the repair cost will be deducted from the deposit. If there is no damage or repair required, your deposit will be refunded in full.

What are the documents required while renting the motorcycle?

Your driving license is a must and pretty much the only document you will need to submit as it works both as an Identity proof and address proof as well. Someone asked me on an email if you have to submit the original and the answer to that is no. You are required to carry your DL with you during the trip and just need to submit a photocopy at the place you are renting the bike from in Manali.

Is riding gear available for rent as well?

No it is not. The only thing you may rent with the motorcycle is a helmet and that is pretty much about it. Riding jackets, knee guards, elbow guard or any other accessory is not available for rent. If you cannot ride without it, you will have to buy it.

Is luggage carrier available for rent?

Most of the Royal Enfield’s available are equipped with it already. They luggage carrier along with the space for carrying Jerry cans is mounted on the motorcycles. However if you need an Enfield without the carrier, that is available too. If you are renting some other motorcycle and it does not have luggage carrier, ask the mechanic if he can mount one or give you some other motorcycle.

Is there any paperwork involved while renting the motorcycle?

Yes there is. The agent or the mechanic will have you sign a document which pretty much lays down the terms, for example what happens if you crash or damage the motorcycle etc. Please make sure that you pay close attention to these terms and clarify anything that you are not sure of.

What documents should you ask for along with the motorcycle?

Make sure the RC, Insurance documents and pollution certificate is handed over to you along with the motorcycle. Check the dates carefully and ensure that all these documents are still valid and not expired.

Can I book a motorcycle in advance over the phone?

Yes you can but you must not. The most important thing before renting the motorcycle is to test it and you will be deprived of this option if you book it in advance. The best thing would be to walk through the town, check out several options, the condition of the motorcycle, the costs involved and then make a decision of where to rent it from.

How is the condition of the motorcycles?

It is never good is what I can say. Condition will differ from being OK to bad to even being pathetic which is why it is of utmost importance that you do not book in advance and inspect the motorcycle closely before paying the amount. These motorcycles have been used by multiple people and always in the hilly region. Used is actually the wrong word, these motorcycles mostly get abused and hence the bad condition. From the engine to fuel efficiency, it will never be at par with a personally owned motorcycle.

What to check before renting the motorcycle?

I am not a mechanic myself but I will still list a few things. Check the condition of the chain set and ensure it is not worn out. If the motorcycle is electric start, try bringing it to life a couple of times and ensure that it doesn’t cough or give trouble when you press the start switch. If it is kick start, ensure that there is no starting problem and the motorcycle is a single or at most two kicks start. Check the condition of the tires if they are worn out. Sit down on the motorcycle to check that the seats are comfortable enough. Do a thorough inspection of the motorcycle for any oil leakage, either from engine or front shock absorbers. Check that the headlamp is bright enough and get it replaced if it is not. Also check the tail light and that both the indicators are in working condition.

Other tips that may be useful while renting a motorcycle in Manali?

The first tip is that check how old the motorcycle is and how many kilometers are on the odometer. Try to find a motorcycle that is comparatively new, has been bought in last couple of years and have run lesser kilometers. Finding a new motorcycle is hard but not tough so if you find one go for it. Second thing you must do is to stay in Manali for a day and test the motorcycle. Take it towards Rohtang Pass and get an idea about how it performs on steep ascents and fuel efficiency. If there is a fix required, get it done immediately. If there is a fault too big or time consuming for repair, dump the motorcycle and find another one. Third thing would be to make sure that you are carrying some essential spares like clutch/accelerator/brake wires, headlamp, spare tubes, a toolkit, chain link and spark plug etc.

ou must learn how to take off the wheel and change the tube in case of a flat tire. Any other basic mechanical knowledge too will be beneficial so learn a little basics of bike repair like fixing puncture, changing sparkplug, clutch/cable wire, headlamp, headlight, attaching chain link etc. My final advice would be that do not be tied down to a particular motorcycle, do not go with the mindset that you only have to rent an Enfield or a Pulsar. Rather look for a motorcycle which is in good running condition irrespective of which brand it is.

With all this said, another point to consider here would be that if you have a motorcycle of your own, transporting it to and from Manali would actually cost you less than going through the hassle of renting a motorcycle in Manali. Since it is your own motorcycle, you will always have the trust on its capabilities and hence the peace of mind. Something to think about.

When shall I check out from Houseboat on the day of departure.

Due to stringent security measures at Srinagar Airport unlike rest of India, we categoricaly advise all our guests to check out 3 hours prior to your flight departure timings & proceed to Airport for baggage check-in formalities.

Can we keep the baggage at Leh while we move to Nubra or Pangong?

Yes, it is suggested to keep most of your luggage at store room of Hotel at Leh only, & keep the minor baggage alongwith.

Do we get rafting Suites?

Yes rafting suites are provided for the once who opts rafting activity.

Will the driver (or Pilots we call) be trained for Hill driving, he will be versed with Ladakhi Tongue.

Pilots we use are experienced & carry commercial driving license. They are Ladakhi locals & are well versed with driving these hilly terrains. They are fluent with Ladakhi tongue, & can help you to converse with the locals, as & when required.

What is the average travel duration each day?

Average travel duration is 6-7 hrs each day, besides the journey from Jispa-Leh (12 hrs) & Leh-Tsomorrirri( 8-9hrs, if it is there in your plan).

Do we require special permits to visit Leh.

What is the average temperature?

June-Sep - 7-24 deg Celcius.

May - 3-16 deg Celcius

Is travel Insurance included?

Travel Insurance is not included in the plan, neither we offer the same, you may buy the same at your own before starting the Tour.

What are the expenses beside the quoted Tour Cost?

Consider an expense of 150-200Rs per person per meal per day, as an extra expense that will be incurred by you & the Airfare to and from tour start and ending locations respectively. Monastery entry charge might be minimal like INR 30 or so.

Can we include a short/soft trek in the Tour?

Yes, please consult our Tour Executive for the same.

Will we have a tour Guide/Manager?

No, you would not have any tour guide until unless specifically asked for. Tour guide is chargeable extra over & above the overall cost quoted to you.

Will the driver be able to speak in English?

Generally drivers in this zone are able to understand english very well, and speak in broken accent.

Is flight cost included?

No, flight cost is not included in the given price. However, we can assist you with the flight booking separately, at the best possible cost. Please ask your Tour Consultant for a quotation on the same as there might be exceptions.

What kind of clothes shall I carry alongwith?

Keep winter clothes like woolen jackets, wind sheaters, hand gloves, caps, wollen inners, woolensocks etc.

Are there any ATMs in Leh?

Yes, Leh has ATMs belonging to various banks such as SBI, HDFC, AXIS, J&K. Still, it is recommended to carry sufficient cash (1,000 Rs per person per day atleast) alongwith you.

Is a Tour guide required or will driver act as a guide?

A Tour guide is usually not required on this terrain unless you are very keen on the history of the monasteries or you do not understand Hindi. The drivers are locals from the town and are aware of the all the sightseeing spots.

What is the distance of Volvo bus stand from Airport/Railway station?

From Delhi Airport: 21kms/50min by Car/Auto

From New Delhi Railway Station: 7kms/15min by Car/Auto

Do Credit Cards work at Leh?

Due to not so good Internet connectivity, it has not been possible for Leh merchants to use take payments via credit card. It is recommended to carry sufficient cash alongwith you, else you can use ATM readily available across Leh markets.

Which Telecom Operator's network works good across Ladakh?

Only post-paid SIM works across Jammu & Kashmir, if you are having a pre-paid connection please note that same will be disabled once you enter the zone.

Regarding Telecom Operator, below is the order in precedence from highest to lowest availability of network across Ladakh & rest of J&K

  • BSNL
  • Vodafone/Aircel

Is it possible to get down from VOLVO bus at Chandigarh, I have a return flight from Chandigarh?

Yes you can deboard the bus at Chandigarh as well, but you generally arrive in the late wee hours and are dropped at the Chandigarh bypass. So it would be great if you have your pickup at Chandigarh bypass preplanned.

Do you provide local assistance during the Tour or we need to call your Delhi office?

We have a local representation at Leh, who looks after individual needs, requirements & medical emergencies once you reach Leh. In case you are joining a group tour, the tour manager traveling along would be the first point of contact.

How do I acclimatise, what are the symptoms & measures to combat. Is there any recommended medicine?

If you are landing directly at Leh airport, you are advised to take it slow for the first day. Sleep and rest, may be walk a little in the evening to a nearby market. The body shall acclimatize slowly.

For people taking a road trip, the route via Srinagar is a great route in terms of acclimatization, less challenging and nicer enough for all age brackets. The route via Manali is very pretty although but the journey between Jispa and Leh is really long and people tend to fall sick on that route. But stay assured that as you reach Leh and take some rest, you shall be fine next day.

Diamox is a popular tablet people take to combat mountain sickness. Disprin might also help in case of minor headaches.

Drink lots of water and take rest. That shall be a preventive measure.

Permits for OCI

OCI holders/Foreign nationals do not require restricted area permits starting 2017. However in case you are having Tsomoriri planned into your itinerary, permits would be required.

Inclusions-Airport Pick up-Leh & Srinagar

The airport pickup and drops are usually included as per the itinerary. Kindly refer to your detailed itinerary, if it says so. The airport pickup or drop at Delhi is usually not included unless asked for.

We are hiring bikes while traveling to Nubra and not taking any backup vehicle. What happens in case of Bike breakdown?

In case you have opted for backup vehicle, it would be with you to make sure that they help you in best possible manner. In case you do not have any backup vehicle with you, you would have to take the lead of the situation and get in touch with the nearest army camp or probably the passerby bikers might help.

Is currency conversion available at Leh?

The local team at Leh would be able to help you for currency conversion at Leh. But its advisable to convert the currency at Delhi Airport on arrival.

What type of clothes should I carry. Would it be too cold?

Yes, it would get cold at Ladakh, particularly when you stay overnight at Pangong or when you are at Khardungla. Its advisable to carry layer of clothings so that you can pack yourself up as per the weather. BTW, sunrays are pretty hot too!

What If I wish to leave the tour in midway like fly out from Leh instead of completing the whole tour.

The airport drop shall be charged extra and would be directly payable. In case you drop out from the tour midway, it wouldn’t qualify for any refunds.

Being a solo female traveler, how do you ensure my safety

On an average we have more females traveling with us then men. Our tour guides and the Pilots are the ones we have been using over past years and are totally trustworthy. We have a local team to reach out immediately in case of any emergencies.

What can I do my bit for the environment in Ladakh?

Ladakh receives very little rainfall and water is an extremely precious resource. By conserving water and using it prudently you would help the local population that needs water round the year. It goes without saying that you must not litter.

Is shikara ride included while our stay at Srinagar?

Not unless you have asked for. Kindly refer inclusions for more clarity.

What about oxygen cylinders?

Oxygen cylinders are available at an extra cost to be carried along on your vehicle. A cheaper option is to buy an oxygen bottle from a local chemist(available on returnable basis)

Where all can we do rafting on the tour?

The rafting that’s most popular is Zanskar rafting that’s enroute Leh-Kargil. In case you don’t have sufficient time, you can also plan rafting at Nubra or Kargil.

We are planning Gulmarg as well. Can you book Gondola tickets as well?

Gondola prices wouldn’t be included by default in our tours on Gulmarg day. You can book this online. In case you need our assistance, kindly ask your customer service executive to help with the bookings.